Bell House

A stunning and steep section overlooking Christchurch's Monck's Bay provided an exceptional blank canvas to bring a bold vision to life for the Bell House.


For this project, SFA Studio drew inspiration from the client, Richard Bell, and his profession as a music video producer for artists including the likes of Depeche Mode, U2, Joy Division, and Nirvana. The 25 metre long building was designed to resemble the negative of a film strip when looking through the building out to the view. It's an even rhythm building, built in equal 4 metre modules, giving each room the appearance of being one frame inside the film strip.

The building is made up of a main house for a couple and two young children with a 6m by 4m living room that cantilevers out over space. The building works like an umbrella with a floating roof suspended overtop the main house. A rear wall acts as a retaining wall, and fins separate the rooms with full-height glazing extending the length of the building towards the view. That glazing can slide all the way down the facade to open every room right up to the elements.

Working regularly with international clients, Richard wanted a seperate guest wing so this was designed to sit on the other side of an infinity edge swimming pool situated between the family quarters and guest wing. Through an olive grove, above the house, is a separated onsite office designed for Richard, giving him a dedicated space for his craft.

Redcliffs, Christchurch
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