Wiggins Studio

Designed for a small 250m² site, the 80m² Wiggins Studio is a multi-functional dwelling designed to blur the boundaries between work and play. The building is a square boxy shape, positioned in the back corner of the site's south-eastern boundary, with two fully-glazed sliding doors to north and west, maximising sun and interaction with the landscape. Floor-to-ceiling drapes enclose the dwelling for the evening and a central spine service wall conceals two bedrooms and a bathroom beyond, while also concealing kitchen, pantry, laundry, wardrobes.


A lineal skylight strip above the beds let in the direct sunlight during the day, and views of the starry sky at night. The entire space is multi-functional and designed for flexibility as either a dwelling or studio-office, or both. Initially designed for the owner-architect, this project reflects the design principles that are fundamental to the innovative explorations of SFA Studio; progressive and forward-thinking exploration towards a healthier way of living which maximises lifestyle while minimising physical and environmental footprint.

The outdoor areas are extensions of the indoor spaces, allowing a seamless transition between — and extension of — the living space from inside to out, and outside to in. That flow and interaction between outside and inside has been enhanced by the furniture layout with the living room effectively doubling in size when doors are open, allowing people to sit inside or outside around the same table.

Sumner, Christchurch
Clive Barrington Construction
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